A 12 Month Study of Native Chaldean Catholics in Their Hometown of Tilkepe.

The Life of Tilkepnaye


Product Description

By: Fr. Michael J. Bazzi
Cover: Hardback
Language: English

Summary: In this sequel to his earlier book, Tilkepe: Present and Past, Fr. Bazzi shares what village life was like for the inhabitants of the northern Iraqi village of Tilkepe during the latter half of the twentieth century.

Bazzi takes his reader on a journey of a calendar year of activities and shares about how Chaldean Catholics celebrate holidays, seasons, weddings, and religious, social and economic customs and practices on a monthly basis throughout the year.

Bazzi also provides a brief history of Tilkepe, as well as how Tilkepe endured the attack by ISIS. Readers of this book will gain an appreciation for those who lived in the village of Tilkepe, Iraq.

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