Preserving the Chaldean Aramaic Language




Preserving the Chaldean Aramaic Language
By Roy Gessford

How do we best preserve the Chaldean Aramaic Language? In this book, Roy Gessford shares original research from the Capstone to his Masters of Interfaith Action at Claremont Lincoln University.

Gessford provides an introduction to his topic, a literature review, and shares the surveys and data collected from teaching a Chaldean Aramaic class to an interfaith group in San Diego. Roy concludes with reflections, impact on stakeholders, and tips for future researchers.

Mr. Gessford’s original research will be of assistance to anyone interested in preserving Chaldean Aramaic.

“Gessford’s teaching and preservation project is both accessible and of critical importance to Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Middle Eastern cultures today as well as modern Chaldean Aramaic speakers.” – Shirley Paulson, Phd.

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