Book Reviews Fr Michael

Aramaic Language Chaldean Dialogue

“I loved the book Aramaic Language Chaldean Dialogue! It facilitated learning the Aramaic Alphabet, grammar, and Estrangela. Fr. Michael made learning numbers, verbs, and wisdoms of Modern Chaldean Aramaic fun. My favorite wisdom was, “ the foundation of wisdom is the fear of God.” The vocabulary was challenging but I learned a lot. Thank you for writing this book to learn this precious language!”
Noel Hanoosh, Cuyamaca College Aramaic I student, 2014

“From the first book of Aramaic language, I learned the basics of this ancient language which Jesus Christ spoke in. I learned how to write the letters and how to from words and phrases. It was an excellent experience, for me, to learn how to read and write my mother language which I already speak.”
Thamir S. Yacoub, Cuyamaca College Aramaic I student, 2014

“For someone who was born in America with Aramaic speaking parents, this book helped immensely with my understanding of the Aramiac language. The book illustrates very clearly and simply how to write, read, and speak in Aramiac. The immense vocabulary in the book was highly beneficial in understanding and speaking this beautiful language.”
-Anthony, University of San Diego student, 2014

The Advanced Handbook of Modern Aramaic Language Chaldean Dialect II

“This book was a marvelous continuation of all that was learned in the first Aramaic language book. The grammar and additional lessons expanded upon the basics of Aramaic. I would highly recommend anyone that wants to enhance their Aramaic speaking and reading skills to study this book.”
- Anthony, University of San Diego student, 2014

“The second book of Aramaic language was very helpful for me to learn how to read and write full sentences and paragraphs as well as to review the alphabet and numbers. Also, I found the extent of the impact of Aramaic language on other languages like Aramaic and Hebrew. The most important thing for me is I can read the Bible and hymnals that are sung in the church.”
-Thamir S. Yacoub, Cuyamaca College Aramaic I student, 2014

“Aramaic Vol. II was a great help to learning Modern Aramaic. The language of the Chaldean people came alive to me after studying this book. It was wonderful to learn about the liturgical year and how the calendar is divided. Learning about the agriculture, food, and animal husbandry made me feel like was among the Chaldean people. Learning how Chaldean celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ was wonderful. The chance to study adverbs, different tenses of verbs and inseparable prepositions really helped my growth as a student. Thanks!”
Noel Hanoosh, Cuyamaca College Aramaic II student, 2014