Who are the Chaldeans?


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This booklet answers questions that many people may have about their new Chaldean neighbors since the Chaldean diaspora from Iraq.

Father Michael Bazzi shares that the heritage of Chaldeans are Christian, not Muslim, even though they are from Iraq. He also explains that how as Catholic Christians from the East they are under the direct auspices of the Pope but are not Roman Catholic.

The author educates the reader that although many Chaldeans were forced to learn Arabic, their native language is Aramaic, the language Jesus spoke. Modern Aramaic, the language currently spoken by the Chaldean people, is declining in usage and the author is making an attempt to unify and preserve this beautiful language. Classical Aramaic is still used for liturgical purposes but is not the spoken vernacular.

Fr. Michael shares some of the culture and ethos of the Chaldean people. He points out that they are a hard working and industrious people. Coming from an agrarian society they acclimated well to San Diego, California, where 70% of grocery stores and liquor stores are owned by Chaldeans.

Although they have been heavily persecuted in their homeland, there are over 800,000 Chaldeans world-wide. After reading this booklet, you will know a bit more about this group whose history goes back thousands of years. And, if you are fortunate, perhaps you will be able educated on how to welcome them to your neighborhood!




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